About Mick Hood Builder

Hi, I'm Mick Hood, I'm a builder from Carlisle. I was born and bred in the north east of England after leaving school in 1982.

My first job was in a garage then I became a plasters labour within a few months, I became an apprentice plasterer after serving my time I moved on to a construction company. This is where I learnt other trades and was able to absorb the experience and put what I learnt into practice.

In 1996, I decided to start my own business and within 12 months made a move, bringing all my knowledge and experience to Carlisle, with 34 years in construction and a business 21 years old.

With a reputation for delivery quality results every time taking great pride in customer service and a flexible approach to client requirements.

For clients looking for reliable, clean, trustworthy, communicative and quality, I firmly believe we have the complete solution.